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Author Spotlight
+John Satisfy  

This month's featured author brings to us a sexy and unique style. Intimate is one word that comes to mind when reading John Satisfy's work.  This author knows how to tease, please and titillate a female audience. It's clear that writing is his passion.

If you haven't had the chance to enjoy any of John's titles, don't miss the excerpts and buy links at the end of this interview!  He's put a lot of time and attention into perfecting his craft and I'm sure every lady will agree that John Satisfy really does satisfy.

Writing is my passion, and one that I love to share both in my self-published books and my free stories on my blog.  I’ve honed my craft writing stories for special women in my life, and I’ve loved being able to strip away the characters and leaving something so much more personal.  My stories are fantasies given voice, given being, allowing the intimacy to be shared.  As much as I would like it to be, writing is not my full time career.  So when I’m not writing, I’m striving to be a supportive husband, a creative baker, an delicious cook and an avid traveler.  I find a thrill in traveling, discovering, and exploring that helps invigorate my life.  I really enjoy hearing from my readers, so feel free to leave a comment on social media sites.

John!  OMG, thanks so much for being here.  I know you've been busy with life, but it's fantastic to see you're back at 'em.

JS: Thank you so much for that wonderful introduction, Jenna.  It’s really nice of you to spotlight me on your blog.

 JF: Well, let's get started.  What inspired you to begin writing?

JS: Initially?  I don’t really recall.  I’ve been writing for what feels like my whole life.  There’s just something about linking words and ideas together to form something that effects a reader.  It’s amazing to be able to do that, like some real world magic trick.

If you’re curious why I started writing erotica, well I began in college.  I had some long distance relationships and wanted to give them something they could almost feel, even across the space that separated us.  So my initial stories were just an intimate moment created for an individual, and it was always so appreciated.

JF: So how has your erotica writing changed since those early days?

JS:  I’ve matured, experienced more, and talked with more women.  I really try to understand their mind frame so that my stories could give them what they desired, what they were lacking.  Either it was some adventure in the bedroom, or a feeling of being desired, or just being craved, I’ve tried to hone my works to fulfill their needs.

When I started publishing stories a few years ago, I also made my works a little more generic.  For those of your readers who haven’t read one of my stories, often I write in a very direct first person voice.  But my focus is more on the main character, “you”.  Many of my stories have no names, no specific details about either character, just the physicality of the acts.  It’s a fantasy that you can lose yourself in, at least that’s why I try to create.

JF: Ohh, sounds exciting.  Maybe you have an excerpt I can share?

JS: Of course!  I’ll send one along after we finish the interview.

JF: Great I’ll be sure to share it with, my readers.   So you’ve grown as a writer, but where do you see your growth leading you?  Where do you expect to be in 5 years?

JS:  When I first started publishing, I expected to be in a different place than where I am now.  At the time I was unemployed and was trying to make a supplemental income that would help with daily expenses.  Since then, my expectations have significantly lowered.  I have also started working full time and have moved across the country.  With all of those changes I had to make a decision, do I want to continue to publish, or do I want to bow out?

After some soul searching I’ve decided to continue to write, continue to publish.  I expect in five years I’ll be plugging away, slowly but surely creating new works and getting them up and available to readers around the world, but never being able to make a full time living off of it.  And honestly, I’ve grown ok with that.  I’m just glad that I do get so many positive reviews and enough people enjoy my stories.

JF: That's a good point you've made, about the soul searching.  One of my biggest pieces of advice to new authors is to have realistic expectations when they enter this business.  Most writers need another job to pay the bills.  But while you're plugging away, do you have any writing rituals?

JS: Typically I don’t.  I often just sit at my computer and type as the story comes to me.  I don’t have a snack nearby, I may or may not have music on, and I may or may not have a photograph or image up that has inspired the story.  Sometimes I’ll plot it out in my head (but never on paper) and other times I’ll let the story surprise me.  Often I know the beginning and then end, and the rest will just appear as I write.  To me, each story is unique and I let it come forth however it sees fit.

JF: I can totally understand what you’re saying. If you do listen to music what genres help you to write the best?

JS:  I can’t write to music that’s got words, so often I find some electronica, classical, or soundtrack to write to.  Approaching Nirvana is great, and depending on the story, I find it can influence the pace at which the story progresses.   On the other hand, I can write just fine with no music on at all.  And sometimes I’ll spend more time finding the perfect soundtrack to write by that I don’t write!

JF:  Ha!  Yes it can be so easy to find excuses to procrastinate.   I do it everyday. When you aren’t procrastinating is there something you’re working on currently?

JS:  As I said earlier, I took some time off of writing last year to focus on life changes.  But starting this year I’ve got a few irons in the fire.  I’ve got a sequel/continuation to Sin City Stripping that I’m working on, and that’s coming along nicely.  I have one or two more chapters to finish before I can start polishing it and working on a cover design.   That will be what I focus on after I finish my current task.

I’m starting a new series that I’m using the working title of “Kitty Comes”.  The first one will be Kitty Comes: At The Mall, which I hope to finish up soon and get it published by the end of March, beginning of April.  It’s a short story about Kitty who goes to the mall with a few tasks to perform.  It starts out with some solo fun in a dressing room, and later moves into a little more in a parking garage.  I think it’s a fun fantasy, with a few surprises.  I’m really happy how this one is shaping up and excited to see people’s reaction.  If it is as favorable as I hope, I’m looking forward to Kitty returning and have further adventures.

JF:  Sounds like fun!  Especially with surprises, you always have some wonderful twists in your stories.

JS: Thank you.

JF: IS there anything else you’d like to mention?

JS:  I just want to say thank you for this opportunity and your time.  This has been a great conversation and I really appreciate it.

If anyone is curious, you should really check out my blog.  There are quite a number of short stories posted for your free reading, as well as quite a number of interviews.  Those interviews, my Sunday Morning Chats, will be starting up again in a few weeks, and I’m excited about the lineup.   I’ve always enjoyed doing those and making a connection with my fellow authors.  I’m also working on a few other informative series which I hope come to life soon there.

JF:  No,  thank YOU, John!  It was wonderful sitting down with you for this conversation and I wish you the best of luck on your new series.
 Book: The Ravishing
I want you and you are ready to submit to my wants. The Ravishing documents the night that I came to visit you, tie you up, and have my way, making you come multiple times for my pleasure. This is a light Bondage story.
Read this WOW Excerpt:

I let you catch your breath for a moment before wordlessly leading you to the foot of the bed.  When you’ve managed to make it I help you to your feet.  You are a bit wobbly as you stand up; the first orgasm of the night seems to have taken a bit out of you.  I smile thinking about all that I have planned for you to experience tonight.  If this is how you are after your first orgasm, by the time this night is over you will be completely spent.

I let go of you and we stand frozen in place.  You’re conscious of the steady rhythm of our breathing as the pause in my playing continues.   Then I slowly get on my knees in front of you before I look up at you.  Immediately you can tell that even though I am in a subservient position I’m still in control.  You are my toy, my plaything and subject to my whims.

My hand travels to the top of your fishnet stockings and slowly I pull them down.  Gently it rolls against your skin and soon the skimpy fabric is completely off of you.  My hand caresses your freshly shaven legs and I know that you are a good girl.  I remove the fishnets from the other leg and then enjoy teasing your smooth skin with just my fingertips.   I love the way your legs feel, thick and powerful, and this combinations makes them incredibly sensual.  I can't help but imagining what positions I your legs will be in later tonight.

I take my hands off of your amazing calves and travel up your scrumptious thighs before stopping at your seductive hips.  In a synchronous movement, both hands working at different sides, I slip my fingers under the waistband of your satin panties.  Then slowly, very slowly, I pull downward, letting the hot fabric glide over your even hotter body.  This is not something to rush, but rather to savor, and I’m not quite sure who is savoring the reveal more.

With your panties down around your ankles, you lift first one foot, then the other.  Quietly,  you stand there naked from the waist down fully on display.  God you look fantastic with your hair tussled and your glasses slightly askew.  I smile as I watch your breasts heaving, as you get a thrill being examined which only arouses you further.

I walk over to your bedside stand and grab the bullet vibe that I know you keep there for those nights you need a quick and quiet fix.  With your toy in my hand I walk back to where you are standing and slip behind you.  My hands go to your glorious ass and they grab a fistful of your flesh, enjoying how it feels between the fingers.

I walk back around, and now I am standing in front of you.  As I stare into your lust filled eyes framed by those sexy glasses, I slide my hand between your legs and slowly I work the bullet into your soaked pussy.  Not breaking eye contact I take the controller and turn it on to its lowest setting and then slip it between your breasts so I didn’t have to hold it.
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