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NEW RELEASE by Bestsellling Author +Suzy Ayers 

Fantasy Encounters with a Dom finally has a second book, Fantasy Encounters…Further Explorations. See what happens next for Keira and Tim after being trained by a D/s couple in the UK, Jarred and Carrie.

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Coming: 3/15/16

Fantasy Encounters…Further Explorations

Follow along with Keira and Tim’s on their journey as a married D/s couple. Married for over ten years and on the brink of depression, alcoholism and divorce, they instead took their relationship to new heights. They began learning the BDSM lifestyle with the help of a Dom/sub, Jarred and Carrie from the UK.

In this sequel, Keira learns her not so frugal ways will get her into trouble, and she is given more than a verbal warning. They’ve been struggling with the idea of an open relationship; however Keira was not prepared for Tim’s reaction.

Keira receives a Christmas Present that she would’ve never imagined was allowed from her macho man husband, in “Keira’s Christmas Present”. It makes her wonder what other secrets her husband may be hiding.

Keira also learns that a honeymoon is always better when sharing with new friends in “Second Honeymoon”. She wonders what she has awakened within Tim, and who will be returning from the beachy island.

This book can be read as a stand alone; however it is the sequel to “Fantasy Encounter with a Dom”. Both are books for Adults and contain BDSM themes.

Excerpt #1 –What’s Keira’s penance?
The trip was a pivotal turning point in Keira and Tim’s sexual happiness and their marital lives in general. Even after they returned from the United Kingdom, Keira had kept in touch with Carrie especially, and part of the reason she was in trouble tonight. She twitched uncomfortably in her sexy, blue dress, molded tightly to her body.
Standing and waiting for Tim, toying with her precious necklace. To most it didn’t look like much, but to Keira it symbolized a lot. It was a birthday gift from Tim. A silver heart-shaped locket with her birthstone embedded in it and a key with his birthstone. Both dangled from the thin delicate chain. It was to signify her collar when they weren’t in the bedroom. Thinking back to the chills she felt that day. He had never before put such thought into anything, and this was the perfect gift, more than that, it was The Gift. He had sacrificed a lot for her and she knew that.

“Ready?” He shook her from her thoughts. “Kids are all set, at my parents,” he added.
“Yes,” Keira whispered, grinning.
“I don’t think so. I have something—a punishment.”
“But,” Keira went to protest. Per his request, she wasn’t wearing bra or panties and that was uncomfortable enough to her. His stern look told her to shut her mouth.

Excerpt #2 –Just a day at the spa
Tim's work had picked up a bit, but they weren't millionaires by any means. Keira had read too many of those fancifilled books lately, where millionaires Doms knew instantly how to please their woman. She had learned to appreciate even more her husbands’ hard work to understand her needs, and her families' modest income. Perhaps even more so after experiencing a massively painful spanking earlier in the week that had left bruises on her plump backside, Tim had been fed up with her exorbitant spending. She'd always been so responsible, however, her new friends, mixed with new found love of shoes and daily spending sprees, sent their credit card bill skyrocketing.
Returning from the most recent trip to the mall, an ominous feeling fell over her as soon as she saw his car in the driveway—did he know? That day she had treated herself to: the spa, which included the full body massage, both manicure and pedicure, on top of the five-hundred dollar spending spree and lunch for another one hundred plus dollars—it was her turn to buy. She’d felt obliged.

 Excerpt #3 – Hands out
He was sitting in the living room with a sour look on his face. Like a sullen child Keira quickly babbled out her excuses, when she knew there weren’t any. She’d never spent like this before, she’d always been the responsible one—the saver.
“Hands out,” he held a strap.
“What?” Keira almost whimpered out the word. She’d seen women have their hands hit before and was not looking forward to it.
Keira screeched and pulled her hands away, rubbing them, his mere expression had her return them and endure the five more per hand.
“That is for the total cost of the day. Now a spanking for doing something we have already discussed.”
“Yes, sir.” Keira dropped her head.


Suzy Ayers is an Amazon Bestselling Author for multiple titles; both of her fantasy books: Sara's Awakening and Miranda's Amulet in Metaphysical/ Visionary, as well as Fantasy Encounter with a Dom in erotic fiction and Erotic Fantasies in single author and women's fiction.

Her main focus is Romance, which crosses many genres including: Erotica, Fantasy and Paranormal. Her short stories and books twist into happily-for-now or happily-ever-after's

Suzy attempts to write in a manner that pulls you into the erotic event and paints an explicit scene of lust and passion. Her purpose of expressing it in this manner is that she believes that sex and love are intertwined and are healthy expressions of the human heart. To her imperfections and flawed characters are beautiful.

Twitter: or @SuzyAyers

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