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Saving Lady J
Suzy Ayers
Release Day July 14th
Book blurb:
Jamie is a woman confused about who she is sexually. Her submissive side is constantly at war with her mouth.

She becomes involved with Julian, a man with secrets of his own, who becomes her slave.

When two dominant men enter Jamie and Julian's life, Jamie's world begins to unravel. As she attempts to help Julian fight his battles, she unwitting puts herself in harms way.


About the book and intentions:

 There are 3/4 main characters and multiple supporting characters. Just as in “real life” Jamie has friends and a job. They don’t know about her personal activities outside of work. Jamie’s had always thought she was a “freak” and hid away. She found herself sexually and unfortunately in the lifestyle there are abusive and frightening situations, as in any “vanilla” life.

 I wanted to show growth within two of the main characters over this series. The book is intended to have a second one to explain Julian’s dark past and hopefully a bright future for Jamie.

Where this came from:

A majority of this book is based on non-fiction, real characters and a heck of a lot of naughty dreams. Julian is a real person and even Raynth is a real person that I speak with and get advice from. All names are changed and I have never met these people, sadly.

Themes/Warnings for the book:

This book is a dark erotic thriller. It is for readers 18+ and includes, but not limited to: force, mindfuckery, anal, spanking and spanking implements, non-con/dub-con, suspenseful elements, pegging, interracial sex, cuckold-themes, etc


Jamie – main character, Domme, submissive, masochist (Switch)

Julian – main character, slave

Chris – main character, Dominant, sadist

Marc – main character, Dominant, sadist

Excerpt #1 – the painslut

Chris demanded all of my free time, which was fine with me. I needed a release after my highly stressful days at work. He seemed to be able to read me well. It was uncanny almost how well.

Our first real session was one I’d never forget. He wanted to test out a new toy on me, a flogger that had many chain-links of metal instead of leather. My entire body was physically shaking as I knelt down for him. He was intimidating on his own, but wielding a medieval looking weapon I nearly fainted as it crashed down on my back and ass.

“Sir!” I gasped and the breath coated the thin air that escaped my lungs. My fingers attempted to claw at the hardwood floor, but not gaining any purchase.

“Yes, little one.” His gravelly voice hinted at his arousal, as his weapon of torture met my skin again.

My head rocked back ever so slightly and he knelt down to accept the fact that I couldn’t speak, so he spoke for me.

“Do you enjoy the pain, my beautiful painslut?”

I nodded astonished at my own body’s reaction to this. I jumped, startled as his hand reached under me and drew out my fragrant arousal. It was sticky and bountiful. It dripped from his fingers. He plunged them into my mouth, forcing them further and further into my throat. My confusion became realization as he used my mouth, testing my gag reflex.

“Good girl,” he said as he stood back up. “Come,” he ordered for me to follow.

Excerpt#2 –seeing Julian’s submission

“Julian,” I called him on the phone on Saturday at 9 am.

“Lady J,” he said breathlessly. “I’m so sorry, please, please forgive me. Whatever it was, please, I—”

“Julian, I am speaking.”

“Yes, Lady J.”

“I need you to listen carefully. Can we meet somewhere?”

“I don’t have a car. I could take the bus.”

“Pick a place where we can have lunch, my treat, so pick a nice place. We need to talk, okay?”

“Yes, Lady J.”

“Sounds perfect, see you at noon.”

Julian suggested Tso, a Thai restaurant. It took me over three hours to drive there. I walked into the small quaint and beautifully decorated restaurant in a strip mall. He was waiting for me up front and the waitress seated us.

“You look even more gorgeous in person.” Julian smiled. His eyes trailed down my body.

“Thank you,” I licked my lips. I grinned as I watched him adjust the crotch of his jeans. “You look rather handsome yourself and you smell nice.”

He looked down to his plate insecurely. “My room mate gave me-” I interrupted him by placing my finger on his lips.

He flinched and his eyes flickered up to mine.

“You say “thank you.” Confidence…confidence is sexy.”

He nodded. “Yes, Lady J,” he said, as he shrunk slightly in his seat and leaned forward. “Thank you. What do I call you in public? I-I mean, what is your real name?”

“Jamie, Jamie Rodgers.” I extended my hand.

“I’m Julian Bertrand.” He shook mine.

“Yes, I know.” I smiled, as the waitress came up to take our drink order. “I will have a white wine, sweetest one you have.”


“Perfect.” I nodded to Julian.

Julian fumbled through the book.

“He will have a Yuenling.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“What’s that?” He looked up confused.

I laughed and cupped his face in my hand. It felt natural and being there with him was natural. There wasn’t any pretending. We’d been talking for so long and I hoped he would agree to the proposal I had in mind.

He scrunched his face as if to say “what’s so funny?”

“Julian, you make me laugh because you suggested this place, but you’ve never eaten here.”

“No, I wanted you to enjoy it. Honestly, I can’t eat spicy foods.” He frowned.

I laughed even harder, spitting out some of my water that I’d just sipped on. “Okay, how about seafood?”

He shook his head no.

“Do you like beef, chicken or pork?”

“Any of them.”

“All right, I will order for you.” I grinned.

He put his menu down and I watched,  as the tension seemed to melt from his entire body. It was as if that one decision I was going to make lifted a huge weight. It amazed me how I could physically see his submissiveness.

I ordered our meals when the waitress returned. I gazed at Julian, as I tried to think about how I should bring up what I wanted to say. I took a deep breath.

“Lady J, please just tell me. It’s killing me.” He took my hand in both of his across the table.

“Julian,” I smiled at his sudden outburst. “I have been doing a lot of thinking.”

Our food arrived and I thanked the waitress. Julian’s agitation amused me; I thought about how his patience was something I’d have to work on.

He sighed loudly.

“So…as I was saying.” I pulled out a folder and placed it on the table. “I wanted to ask if you


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