Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's #MasturbationMonday and I hope you need a shot of good ole Tennessee whiskey after this snippet from my newest release with +Dark Hollows Press titled, Conceiving Evil.


Abby was caught leaving the movie theater with a male friend, violating her arrangement with Dorian.  Knowing Abby is too embarrassed to masturbate in front of him, Dorian orders her to pleasure herself while he watches.

In the reflection of an antique mirror I saw Dorian open a silver box. I turned to face him, the pink dildo in his hand earning a sullen pout from my bottom lip. He ordered me to undress except for the shoes. He always wanted me to wear the shoes. He said they made my legs look longer.

Beautiful dread congealed, weighting my arms as I shucked off my clothes. Dorian knew how embarrassed I was to masturbate in front of him. He always granted me the liberty of doing it alone. With the reluctance of a child ordered to cut their own switch from a tree, hesitation had me pausing before I took the dildo from his hand.

I hugged my body as goose bumps broke out across my naked skin from both the impending embarrassment and the dip in room temperature. Dorian’s house was always cold. “’s too chilly in here. Can’t I-”

 “Miss Torrance,” he snapped.

 I scraped back my hair, debating on pressing the issue further, but making Dorian happy made me happy. “Okay, where do you want me to do it? On...on the bed?”

“There,” he said, motioning to a chair, a shark’s grin on his face.

Slowly, I made my way to the chair, the thick upholstery uncomfortably rubbing my back as I adjusted my body. The seat was just wide enough to allow me wiggle room to open my legs and place them over the arms. My skin heated, then flushed in a tingly sweat when I felt my pussy exposed to the cool air. If shame could be smelled, I would be reeking of it. This was my punishment.

I didn’t realize the full extent of my nervousness until my fingers found and parted the dry folds of my pussy. Gently, I slid my middle finger inside, crooking it upward to stroke the sensitive spot, desperate to coax any moisture. My nipples were lengthening under the heat of his gaze, despite the fruitless effort below.

“May I have some lube?” My voice was low and squeaky.

“No.” He chuckled. “Try playing with your clit first.”

My face was flaming. I moved the pad of my index finger over my clit, circling and rubbing it while Dorian leaned against the wall, arms crossed, observing with cool confidence. He licked his lips in satisfaction and instructed me to pinch my nipples simultaneously. The mixtures of delicious sensations combined with the sight of Dorian’s arousal pressing against the front of his trousers increased my comfort level. In less than a minute, moisture surfaced, sliding over my sex.

My hips began moving in a wanton rhythm, pleasure consuming every nerve. With my thumb, I rubbed my clit faster and harder, thrusting my middle finger inside my heat until wetness trickled toward my anus. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, craving penetration. I slid the rough rubber-coated dildo inside and moaned with delight as the girth opened my pussy, filling and stretching me, providing a reasonable substitute for the real thing.

My body twitched as I moved the shaft in and out. Aware of how Dorian watched me so intently, I began to gasp and writhe. My thrusting became faster, deeper, my heart thudding with unspeakable pleasure. A tight circle of pressure wrapped around my loins, seeking its way up my spine when Dorian yelled a dispassionate, “Stop!”

He was denying me an orgasm, but I was too close. The tip put the final stroke on my g-spot when I pulled the dildo out, and the explosion ignited. Darts of ecstasy pulsed through my clit, inching into my extremities, helplessly hurling me like leaves in the autumn wind. I came so hard. The only thing that would’ve made my release more intense and fulfilling was if Dorian’s cock had been inside me, rather than leaving my pussy nothing to cling to but itself.

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  1. I'm definitely curious about this book now! Sounds interesting.

  2. Now that's one of my hot buttons...masturbating for someone else. Rawr!

  3. I enjoyed this...turned on that voyuer part of me. Very stimulating & arousing read.

  4. Makes me giggle how he's embarrassing her. :)

  5. There is something about masturbating while being watched that is so very hot...

    Rebel xox