Thursday, September 18, 2014

 Love yourself.  Really.  Hard.
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Ah, it's so true, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it sets the foundation for some really hot sex.  Enjoy this scene out of my erotic thriller, Sealed In Blood. 

“You want me,” Charisma gasped.  “But that last night in Vegas you...didn’t…”
“I always wanted you!  You were hurt.  That bastard…” Hunt broke off with a growl, renewing the attack on her lips.

Charisma’s breasts throbbed and ached as Hunt’s fingers, shaking with greed and desire, slid between her thighs, past her soft folds.  She jerked at the invasion, yet clung to it; angry but hungry, desperate from being without his touch.  Pushing the confusion out of her mind, she relished what he did to her, giving her what she had longed for.
His hips anchored hers as his hardness pressed through his clothes so hot and tight Charisma thought it might split his pants.  Her fingers, trembling with her own hunger, fumbled for his waistband, pushing it down over his hips.  She needed him inside her so badly.  Charisma wrapped her fingers around his throbbing member, then cupped his balls in her hand.

Steely hands grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head.  The smell of his skin intoxicated her as she dragged her tongue across Hunt’s bearded jaw to the open seam of his lips; pushing it inside, exploring and pouring the need she had for him into his mouth.
With his knees, Hunt opened Charisma’s legs, her body jolting upward as he sharply rammed into her.  Beneath him, she wriggled, lost in her own pleasure, locked in his lustful glare as he staked his claim.  Her legs opened wider to take the full brunt of the stretching and stinging of her soft tissues, but it wasn’t enough.  Fiery sparks imploded inside her, as Hunt rammed into her over and over again, sinking deeper.

His hips churned faster, the grip around her wrists loosened.  Charisma’s hands broke free, reaching around him, digging her fingers into the firm globes of his ass, while she gritted her teeth.  She urged him on with the tightening of her knees around his waist, trying to fill the void she’d suffered without him.
Their heated flesh collided as his hips swiveled, Hunt grunting out the words between thrusts.  “There’ll be no other men!”

Her blood raced; a raw mixture of rage and lust whirled inside her, building rigorous pressure as Charisma came hard, crying out in yearning and release.
Claiming her wrists again, Hunt dominantly pinned them above her head, squeezing them together as if he was the master and she the slave.  Spikes of pleasure stabbed Charisma’s belly, driving her into a frenzy. With his face in hers, Hunt clenched his teeth and took the final plunge.  His head fell back and his body jerked as he twitched and spasmed inside her, bringing on another climax.  Charisma’s walls quivered and quaked around him, milking every last drop.

His hands freed her wrists when he collapsed on top of her, gasping against her ear.  Hunt waited a moment before lifting his weight.  Charisma moaned as he pulled out, his cock dripping at the tip, glazed with remnants of her.

Panting and wobbly, Hunt stood up in an almost drunken state.  He towered over her like a dark knight.  “I won’t live without you, Charisma...I can’t.”
Bending down, he scooped her up, heading for the bedroom.

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  1. LOL, yep I do too. The ultimate alpha male, indeed.

  2. I like him, too! Meow!!

  3. Super sexy! Such great chemistry between them. Yum!

  4. So happy I found your site....that was lovely. I loved her too and I agree about the chemistry between them. Awesome!

    1. Thanks, Kay, for stopping by! Love to hear from you.