Saturday, September 27, 2014

For more naughty:
This unedited snippet was originally written for my novella, Sealed In Blood.  It was cut out of the first draft, entered into a contest and won.  Do you think it's a winner?
From behind, fingers like tentacles sank into my hips. I whipped around and met the eyes of the devil. Or was he my savior?
I knew it would anger him.  I wasn’t supposed to be out of bed, but I had to see if I could find anything connecting him to the notorious rumors that formed his reputation.  The kitchen grew silent as he stood in front of me, pulling the hem of my t-shirt over my head.  The look on his face was hard and cold, like the counter he’d sat my bare ass on.
“What are you doing out of bed?”
Before I could answer, his massive form faded into the darkness. Like an apparition, he reappeared.  The blank expression on his face churned with an enigmatic storm I desperately tried to interpret. He held up a silver object, letting it dangle from his finger.
“What am I holding?”
A shot of arousal, or maybe fear grazed through me, nearly tearing me to shreds. 
 “Wrong.  They’re your handcuffs.  And you’ll be wearing them to bed from now on.”
Glowering down at me, he took my hands and held them together in a praying position.
“I have a problem with your snooping.”  His teeth sank into the tip of my earlobe.  “And you’re being a tease by walking around in the middle of the night naked underneath my shirt.”
I shuddered when his calloused hands meandered between my thighs.  My pussy began dripping.
As quickly as he admitted that I caused him to lose his mind, he pulled me up from the counter closer to him.  When a calloused a finger jabbed inside me, my body stiffened and I knew I could come way sooner than I should.  My wrists were turning inside the metal rings, biting into my flesh.  I wanted to grasp my thighs when two more digits invaded me. 
Dizzy and fogged with desire, my body slipped back with my hands still in front. A bulky arm returned me to an upright position.  He told me to open my thighs and the wicked smile on his face pushed aside my fear.
I looked down at the plump mounds of my pussy splayed apart like the petals of a flower.  His pointed tongue made its way toward the little bud in the center. The torture seared my senses. The pleasure made me frantic. Electric currents weaved throughout my system, churning my blood. 
I shivered and leaned backward, pushing my clit harder onto his tongue.  Warm lips and teeth kissed and gnawed my thighs, then stopped just before his cock speared my opening.  The fierce invasion ignited an explosion, putting so many different sensations into motion. 
The friction of his cock blazed my inner walls, the suction of his lips engulfed my nipples and the irate sweep of his hands seized every curve of my body.  Unable to grasp the counter for leverage, I wrapped my legs around him.  My release came in a slow, simmering sizzle from deep inside to the surface of my skin.
He sucked in a breath, groaning when he pulled out.  The pearly fluid shot onto my abdomen as he rubbed it into my skin.  He collapsed on top of me, anchoring and pressing the cuffs between our sweat slickened bodies.  My apprehension resurfaced with the diabolical smirk on his face.
“This is your first and last warning.  Heed to it.”



  1. Hell yeah that's a winner! I want more!

    1. Squeee...that's what I like to hear. Thanks.

  2. Good gawd almighty damn! If that's the punishment, I'm going snooping in nothing but his shirt. Just sayin'.

  3. makes me want to go snooping...;)

  4. We have a winner! :D Great snip, Jenna!

  5. Definitely a winner. Grabbed me from the start! Loved it!