Saturday, August 23, 2014

Through His Eyes


There's nothing hotter than a sex scene written from the male point of view.  Doesn't it set you on fire to know how a man sees his woman in the heat of passion?

This is the very first sex scene I ever wrote from the male point of view.  This clip never made it past the cutting room floor.  Watch's raw and unedited.

The fresh smell of jasmine filled the air as he peeped inside the bathroom door and stepped in.  Charisma’s eyes widened as her arms flew up around her chest to shield his view of her breasts.
She looked so edible.  Her skin was lightly blushed pink by the warmth of the water.  Possessiveness roared though him.  Nearly too strong to squelch.

He sat down on the side of the tub.  “Why are you still embarrassed?”
Her wary eyes looked at him.  “I can’t help it.  I haven’t been naked in front of many people.  She looked down.  “Especially men.”
“Well I suppose these things take time.  I have faith in you, though.”  He stood up and grabbed a washcloth.  “You look like you could use some help.  Stand up.”
Her eyes filled with trepidation.  “Wh-"
He clucked his tongue.  “Charisma, dear, remember the conversation we had earlier, the one in which I told you about my desire to be in charge?  You said you didn’t have a problem with that.  Now stand up.”
She stood, the oily water flowing down around her voluptuous hips and the calves of her legs.  He couldn’t wait to take her again.  To possess her.   After tonight she would be his forever-body, mind, and soul.

He dropped the wash cloth.  “I think I’ll use my hands, instead.”  He picked up the bar of soap, working a good lather between his palms, and smoothed his hands underneath the globes of her soft breasts.  He cupped them, their gentle weight causing his cock to twitch.  He continued gliding downward, toward the curve of her waist to the fullness of her thighs.  Her skin was like the finest silk he’d ever felt.
She blushed even more as her body tensed. 

“Relax, dear.” He moved his hand toward her sex.  His fingers tingled as he stroked the soft crevices and folds of her pussy.  The need to protect her heightened as he worked his fingers around the smooth outer lips.
A slight moan escaped her mouth as he rubbed the tiny bud in the center.  Her legs parted slightly, allowing him better access.  His mouth built into a slow smile at the moisture he coaxed.  It stirred his passion.  Control was necessary to achieve his goal.  Unsure of his ability to retain some reasonable measure of such, he eased his fingers away, cock twitching in protest.   
She took a slow, deep breath.  “Hunt, you’re driving me crazy.”

“Oh you just wait, Princess.  I’m only getting started.”
He picked her up, leaving a trail of water from the tub to the bedroom and gently laid her down on the bed.  Hunt stepped back to look his fill. 

She was so beautiful, so innocent looking; very much like a lamb on an alter awaiting an unknown destiny at the will of her master.
He unbuttoned his shirt cuffs.  “Spread your legs for me while I undress.” 

She complied, although not looking at him.  It would take lots of work to rid her of her modesty.  He stepped out of his pants and boxers, freeing his throbbing member.  He moved toward her, climbing onto the bed with his knees between her legs.

“Lift your knees.  I want to taste you.”

The bareness of her cunt was a signal that she would be more sensitive.  He moved his tongue over her clitoris in a calculated fashion.  She tasted like the sweetest nectar on earth.  She groaned and began to pump her hips.

“I don’t want you to come yet.” He moved his mouth to her inner thighs.  Time to make my mark, my brand of ownership.  He sucked the fine flesh harder and harder and then issued a tiny bite.
 “Ouch.” Charisma jerked.

He licked, sucked and soothed the pain away.  Satisfied at his handiwork, he moved his mouth. “Would you like to come now?”
 “Yes.  Please.” 
Eager to fulfill her need, he flicked his tongue over the hardened clit.  Her musky, feminine scent encouraged more craftiness with each and every flick.  She pumped her hips faster as her thighs wrapped around his head.  Her pussy pulsated around his tongue, releasing sweet juices with every contraction.  She writhed and bucked until her rapture was complete.

“It’s nice to see such a positive response to my tongue.  Now get on your hands and knees.  I want to see what the response will be as I fuck you from behind.”

His heart drummed at the enticing site of her legs splayed apart revealing the puckered orifice of her ass.  He stroked her, slipping his fingers over the wet satin of her pussy.  He worked her until her heat blazed against his palm before fitting his cock to her, sinking it inside as it throbbed in ecstasy.  Like a vise, her muscles gripped him as he thrust into the hot, tight confines of her body.

He grabbed her by the waist as he pumped into her.  Her hips moved back to meet his.  His cock pulsed with blood and desire at the wet sound of male flesh meeting female.

He twisted his hips, angling deeper.  Hearing her cry out, he ordered, “Come for me again.” 
She exploded around him, clamping down on his cock.  “Ah, you feel so good.  Hold on to me, baby.  I’m going to come so hard.”

 He gritted his teeth and let go. Desperate for the soft feel of her, he continued pumping his hips against her until he’d emptied the last jet of come.  His legs turned to jello as he grabbed her thighs and collapsed onto her back panting and utterly spent. 
He tried to catch his breath and gather his senses as he felt her body press into the mattress.  She winced underneath him as he eased out of her.

“I hope I wasn’t too hard on you.  I can’t help it.  You drive me wild.”
Charisma rolled over and pushed the disheveled strands of hair out of her face.  She grinned insanely, feeding his pride and ego.  “You’re an amazing lover, Hunt Blackwater.  Too amazing.”


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dominating Sex

Out of all the sex scenes I've written, this particular shower scene is a favorite among my female friends.

I want to know what YOU think.  At the bottom of the page in the comments section, rate it on a heat scale of 0 - 10.  Zero being 'cold', ten being 'scorching hot'.

Have fun.

Charisma swallowed hard, standing in front of the door to Hunt’s suite.  What was behind it?  It was as if he swiping the card to Pandora’s Box. 
Hunt held her gaze and took her purse when the door clicked open.  “I like being in charge of things,” he said.  Do you have a problem with that?”
The carnal rumble in his voice rekindled a fire Charisma thought was long dead deep inside her.  She was so tired of the struggle to keep her life together.  Tired of trying to take care of herself and every situation in her single life.  How liberating it would be to surrender control to this man.
"I don't have a problem with it."
Hunt held out his hand.  "You mentioned a shower."
           He led her down a hallway to the bathroom.  Charisma was so nervous she hardly noticed the large jetted tub.  Hunt took off his suit coat and laid it on the vanity.  He opened the glass door to the shower and turned on the water.  He leaned in, relaxing his posture as he maintained firm eye contact.  “I think I’ll have you begin by taking off my shirt.”
The shower seemed to get louder with each passing second.  Charisma’s fingers shook as she struggled to undo each button on his shirt.  She’d never been in a shower with a man before nor had she undressed a man.
He pulled the shirt off, throwing it on the double vanity.  Naked, he was even more intimidating.  Gorgeous as a god.  His tanned chest was sprinkled with dark hair atop rippling abs.  Charisma’s pulse thudded inside her neck.  I’m really going to do this.
“Now.  Take off your clothes.  All of them.”  His voice was sharp.
Charisma couldn’t look him in the eye as she reached around to unzip her skirt. She allowed it to fall to the floor, but hesitated to unbutton her blouse.
“The shirt comes off too.”
Her fingers finally completed the task of unbuttoning her own blouse.  Charisma stood motionless awaiting any look of disapproval on Hunt’s face as his eyes zeroed in on her curvaceous hips.
“I don’t think you’re finished.  I still see panties and a bra.”
Charisma’s face was flaming.  She reached around to unhook her bra biting down on her bottom lip as her traitorous nipples told of her arousal.
Hunt’s lips parted, he lowered his voice.  “I can see your embarrassment.  You’re beautiful.” He ran his hand over her hip.  “You’re not to be ashamed.  Understood?”
Charisma nodded, looking at the floor.
“Miss Claiborne, look at me.”
His eyes glittered as they roamed over her.  Her body responded in a warm flood as he murmured his approval.
Charisma trembled with desire, keenly aware of her pulse as Hunt unzipped his pants, freeing his erection.  Her muscles clenched at his size.
“You’re still blushing.  How can you be ashamed of your body?  Can’t you see how hard I am for you?”
Steam escaped as he opened the shower door.  She stepped into the hot stream.  Hunt behind her.
“Turn and face me.  I want to take your mouth.”
Charisma eagerly grabbed his powerful thighs as she knelt in front of him.  There was a need to please this man.  The need to give every ounce of herself.  Eric never obliged her requests for sex in the shower.  He always thought it was stupid.
Gently, she held his balls as they drew up toward him.  He guided the shaft into her mouth.  It was steel encased with skin as she tightened her lips around it.  He caressed the back of her head as she took as much of his length as she could, filling the back of her throat.
“Yes,” he breathed, as Charisma moved up and down his stalk, circling her tongue around the curved tip.  She felt his body quiver under her influence.  The sound of his animal-like groans made her blood boil.  It wouldn’t take much more for him to finish in her mouth.
He stilled her head.  “Not yet.”
She looked up at him waiting on his instructions.
“Stand up with your legs spread hip width apart.  Put your hands against the wall.”
Charisma complied as the shower continued raining down over them.  She shivered with anticipation as he stood close behind.  A hand meandered between her thighs as long fingers explored her folds.  A gush of pleasure heated her, bringing her much too close to the brink.  His breath on the back of her neck sent passion into overdrive.  She moaned as he slipped two fingers insider her.  Her blood flamed at the sound of his fingers thrusting into her. 
“Tell me how it feels, Miss Claiborne.”
“Oh, don’t stop.  It feels so good, Hunt.”  Her legs spread further apart as her inhibitions melted away.  Waves of pleasure dance from the small of her back upward and back down again.
He moved even closer, his hardness pressed against her lower back.  “I give you permission to tell me what you want next.”
Hunt was already giving her what she wanted-freedom through surrender.  Telling her what to do escalated her need and made her throb in places she was normally ashamed of.
“I want you to fuck me.” Her voice was muffled over the hiss of the shower.
“I’m afraid I didn’t hear you.  Please say it again.”
“I said fuck me!”
“That would be my pleasure.”
Hunt reached over, turned off the shower and opened the glass door.  “Here,” he said handing her a towel.  “I’ll be fucking you in the bedroom.”
Charisma quickly dried.  He led her into an adjoining bedroom with a king sized bed piled with pillows.  A swift sweep of his arm pushed them onto the floor. 

Charisma climbed onto the bed and spread her legs at his command.  His eyes were glued on her plump mounds still sensitive from the heat of the shower.  He licked his lips.
A dark head moved between her legs sucking, licking, and testing the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.  The sucking grew more intense, eventually turning into a playful nip.  No pain or embarrassment, just lust zipped through her.  Charisma never had a man that close to her open legs with the lights on, and if he didn’t fuck her soon, she’d explode.
There was a steamy silence before his thick wedge pushed past her folds, filling her like she’d never been filled before.  Twinges of pleasure flowed from her g-spot with every thrust.  He moved in and out, as pressure began building inside her.  Her breasts bounced from the force as the powerful pulses of a climax pulled her under like a tidal wave.
The pounding got harder, pushing her upward toward the headboard.  The tip reached her deepest point, sending shards of electricity oscillating from her belly to her toes.
With the final plunge, their gazes locked as Hunt groaned, spilling inside her.  The moist masculine heat from his body enraptured and consumed her, rendering her boneless.  Charisma had never been so satisfied, fulfilled.  Parts of her body and soul had been manipulated that no other had ever touched.
She’d just opened a gate, ushering in a dangerous invasion of her heart.

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